Our Vineyard

Our vineyard is very small by comparison with our neighbours. We have 2ha of vines (4.5 acres) that produces about 9,000 litres a year.  We employ no permanent labour and I do most of the work. There are 12,000 vines to look after. They need pruning every winter to the tune of up to 15 cuts per vine with secateurs. That's nearly 200,000 times.  From April the buds grow rapidly and have to be sprayed by tractor every 10 days until the end of July. We de-bud the vines in May to ensure top wine quality, leaving two or three shoots on each stem.

Lindsay supervising the grape picking

The vendange is in mid-September. Since 2011 we have rented our vines to a neighbour and he uses our grapes to add to his own production. We no longer make our own wine but sell our remaining stockof red wines. See Our Wines.

Pickers hard at work